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Érablière Charbonneau

In the true cabane à sucre (“sugar shack”) tradition, Érablière Charbonneau is the perfect place for getting together with family or friends. Where better to celebrate the arrival of spring!

Enjoy the delights of exceptionally high-quality maple syrup in a welcoming rustic environment.

We'd also be delighted to accommodate your needs for special events such as weddings, baptisms or any other occasion that's important to you. Thanks to our extensive experience in organizing events like these, you'll be sure to have great memories of your big day.

Reservations by phone only.

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Snack menu


Soup of the day, served with bread roll
Vegetarian panini plate (or just panini)
$10,85 $6,85
Chicken and Pesto panini plate (or just panini)
$10,85 $6,85
Pasta salad
Garden salad
Classic poutine
French fries with sauce
$2,95 $4,95
Onion rings
Hamburger or Cheeseburger
$4,95 $5,15
Chicken burger
Grilled hot dog
Homemade Pizza with Cheese (Bambino 9 ")
Homemade Pizza Pepperoni and Cheese (Bambino 9 ")
Homemade pizza All dressed (Bambino 9 ")
Chicken wings (6 or 12)
$6,95 $13,50
Cheese sticks (6 or 12)
$6,95 $13,50
MÉLI-MÉLO (4 chicken wings, 4 cheese sticks, fries and onion rings)
Daddy's beard
Apple turnover
Chocolatine or apple pancake
M. Freeze
Chocolate Bar, Chips or Maple Pop
Maple cone
Maple Ice Cream Cup


Slush (Red or Blue)
S $1,75 M $2,40 B $3,25
Bottle of water, liqueurs, iced tea or Perrier
Homemade apple juice
Sparkling apple juice (glass or bottle)
G $3,95 B $12,95
Coffee, tea, herbal tea
Beer on tap Boréal Blonde or Rousse (glass or pitcher)
V $5,25 P $21,00
Bottled beer (Molson products)
Imported beer (Heineken or Sol)
Plus taxes

Encourage our industry by filling your sweet tooth!

Sugar season is officially launched! Check out our menu!

Ordering is simple and is done online via our store.

There are three ways to pick up your gourmet box:

    (7 days a week)
  • In one of the Metro grocery stores we are affiliated with
  • At Auberge Bromont
On-line store

Come and take advantage of our location to stretch your legs!

  • Mountain trails
  • Cross-country ski trails
  • Snowshoe trails
  • Outdoor playgrounds for children
  • Outdoor fireplace fire
  • Food menu to be eaten outdoors
  • Arbraska ($)

Come take a break at the Charbonneau Maple Grove and treat yourself to a nice bowl of hot pea soup or a tasty maple vegan chili and much more!

Come discover what's on the menu!